Honda North America / National 4–H Council Curriculum

Project Description:

Together, National 4–H Council and Honda North America were interested in helping high school students make forward–thinking lifestyle choices. Honda knew high school students would be the next generation of hybrid and electric car buyers, and the National 4–H Council´s mission is to help youth navigate the complex world. Honda North America hired ECA to create a curriculum that would address climate change, resource use, land management, transportation, and personal choices. The curriculum, "Going Places, Making Choices", took two years to develop, utilizing an advisory board of teachers from across the country and a team of talented writers and designers. The online version provided interactive activities/lessons that presented real–life scenarios that could take place within a teenager´s lifetime regarding climate change, resources, transportation, etc. These lessons engaged students by allowing them to think out problems, understand options, opportunities, and consequences, and even vote on the potential solutions, allowing them to see how other students around the country might choose to address the problem.


The curriculum is still in use in states across the country and considered by educators to be one of the top performing curricula on the subject. Honored by 2002 Olympic Environmental Committee. "Going Places, Making Choices" was chosen to receive the "Spirit of the Land" award for excellence in environmental education from the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002. The Spirit of the Land awards program addressed issues related to energy and water conservation, environmental education, recycling, air quality, and waste management. In concert with Honda North America and the National 4–H Council, ECA´s created the award winning high school curriculum "Going Places, Making Choices". The curriculum´s goal was to engage students to thinking anew about the choices they will make in their lifetimes regarding transportation and how those choices will impact the environment.

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