(Boulder, CO) (Basil, Switzerland)

Project Description:

Roche hired ECA to design and implement a long-range public outreach / public involvement program and internal employee communications program. ECA worked with Roche for 10 years providing consulting, strategic communications, facilitation of Community Advisory Board, media training, and public outreach. Over the decade, Roche faced public criticism for being one of the top 10 polluters in the state. Although the company made life saving pharmaceuticals, there was a huge incongruity with its air pollution and toxic emission levels. There were many onsite protests at the Boulder, Colorado manufacturing plant brought on by environmental groups as well as citizens concerned with the pungent smells and personal health fears. Roche found itself in the midst of a catch 22, not unusual for ECA clients. Roche knew it could cut plant emissions by 99% by building a co-generation expansion with advanced anti-pollution technology that required the public to approve a large building modification. The public said they couldn’t build an expansion until they cut emissions. Emissions couldn´t be cut without the expansion. In response, ECA brought together Roche and one its most vocal and high–profile critics, the Citizen Action League in Washington, DC. As part of a strategic program, ECA orchestrated a ground breaking "good neighbor pledge" that set specific goals for Roche that would be tracked by the public and visible to all. In doing so, Roche was allowed to move ahead with the necessary expansion as long certain criteria were met along the way. This was a landmark program and was modeled by other industry companies.


Roche built the co–generation expansion and reduced plant emissions, smells, and toxins by 99%. It has removed itself from the state´s "worst polluters" and has gained recognition as one of the state´s most progressive industry leaders. ECA also provided executive training on media and outreach, crisis communications, and all matters of public outreach.

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