Team ECA

The combination of the principals from ECA (AJ Grant, Jeff Schwartz, Terrell Marshall, Traci Jones, Anne Weil, Jack Farmer) offer formidable leadership and expertise. Our qualified team is already steeped in the environment, communications and environmental fields, which allows us to jump into projects with a running start. Clearly ECA's strength is our cross functional abilities which make it easy to meet client needs and work loads.

One of the unique differences that the ECA Team brings to clients is our operating philosophy and how we view our work, clients and issues. All of our suggested methodologies and actions are founded upon our philosophies and principles. By following these practices, we can keep to our course and attain the necessary consistency of action that brings success and satisfaction to our clients and our team.


  • We believe that combining our expertise in a spirited and respectful manner will yield the best product.
  • We believe in contributing to our community, planet and making a difference.
  • We believe strategic alliances are key to leveraging existing resources and other current efforts.
  • We believe that our best service is helping companies and institutions find the benefit in environmentally sound solutions.
  • We should use our budget wisely and leverage other resources.
  • We believe working with our team and clients should be a fun, rewarding experience.
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